Research Achievements



Year 2024

  • 2024 Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists. Exploration and dissemination of child and family-centered communication for children with cancer. (Project number: 23K19766, PI: Noyuri Yamaji, 3,600 thousand yen).

  • The 19th Research grant on child education practice (Hakuhodo Foundation) “Development of an experience programme for children with the aim of creating a society where children can live together regardless of their illness” (PI: Mayumi Morisaki) 2,500 (thousand yen).

Year 2023

  • The 5th SGH Cancer Nursing Research Grant. Survey of the current status of communication related to cancer diagnosis and the needs of healthcare professionals for children with cancer and their families. (PI: Noyuri Yamaji) 500 (thousand yen) 

  • 2023 Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up. Development and feasibility testing of communication skilled program for healthcare professionals working with children with cancer and their families. (Project number: 23K19766, PI: Noyuri Yamaji, 2,200 thousand yen).

  • 2023 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B). Development and implementation of family-focused care to increase resilience of families in crisis. (Project number:23H03205, PI:Mari Ikeda) 3640 (thousand yen)

Year 2022

  • 2022 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. Identifying the prevalence and related factors for family poly-victimization and development of a family support model for preventing and terminating family poly-victimization (Project number: 20K19126, PI: Sachiko Kita) 520 (thousand yen)

  • 2022 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. Elucidation of the long-term effects of support during the transition to adulthood and factors related to the transition process for pediatric patients with chronic diseases (Project number: 22K17487, PI: Mayumi Morisaki) 4550 (thousand yen)

  • Fumiko Yamaji Fund for Professional Nursing Education and Research. Development of a psychoeducation program on the subject of self-compassion for perinatal parents (PI: Miyuki Muramoto) 1,200 (thousand yen)