Research Achievements


Year 2022

  • The 21st outstanding paper award from Japan Academy of Nursing Science

    Sachiko Kita
    Kita S, Tobe H, Umeshita K, Hayashi M, Kamibeppu K. Impact of intimate partner violence and childhood maltreatment on maternal-infant maltreatment: A longitudinal study. Japan Journal of Nursing Sciences, 18(1), e12373, 2021.


Year 2022

  • 2022 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. Identifying the prevalence and related factors for family poly-victimization and development of a family support model for preventing and terminating family poly-victimization (Project number: 20K19126, PI: Sachiko Kita) 520 (thousand yen)

  • 2022 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. Elucidation of the long-term effects of support during the transition to adulthood and factors related to the transition process for pediatric patients with chronic diseases (Project number: 22K17487, PI: Mayumi Morisaki) 4550 (thousand yen)

  • Fumiko Yamaji Fund for Professional Nursing Education and Research. Development of a psychoeducation program on the subject of self-compassion for perinatal parents (PI: Miyuki Muramoto) 1,200 (thousand yen)


Year 2023

  • Kita S, Baba K, Motegi-Iwasaki R, Kishi E, Kamibeppu K, Malmedal KW, Chan KL. Development of a Japanese version of the Family Poly-victimization Screen. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2023 (Accepted)

  • Tobe H, Tamai N, Mugita Y, Nakai A, Nagata M, Minematsu T, Sanada S. Effect of a UV-free, carbon-arc phototherapy on eczema of a 3-year-old child: A single-case experimental study. Journal of Nursing Science and Engineering. 2023, 10:76-87.

  • Kita S, Ochiai K, Sato Y, Akiyama S, Abe M, Tashita K, Tanaka H, Matsumoto F, Hayashi S, Kohashi K, Tsujino K, Uchiyama K, Tsukamatsu K, Ikeda U, Ikeda M, Suzuki H. Development of the Training program on Child Abuse Prevention for Citizens (TCAP-C) and its effects and acceptability: Community-based participatory research. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022 (Accepted)

Year 2022

  • Tobe H, Sakka M, Kita S, Ikeda M, Kamibeppu K. The Efficacy of a Resilience-Enhancement Program for Mothers Based on Emotion Regulation: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Japan. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022; 19(22):14953.

  • Sasaki N, Ikeda M, Nishi D. Long‑term infuence of unintended pregnancy on psychological
    distress: a large sample retrospective cross‑sectional study. Archives of Women’s Mental Health. Oct 2022. DOI:10.1007/s00737-022-01273-1

  • Kita S, Kamibappu K, Saint Arnault D.“Knitting together the lines broken apart”: Recovery process to integration among Japanese survivors of intimate partner violence. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022 (Accepted, Sep 28.)

  • Takemura Y, Inoue M, Ichikawa N, Kida R, Koyanagi H, Ikezaki S, Ikeda M. Key strategies for managing nursing care under the COVID-19 pandemic: A multiple-case study of nursing directors. Journal of Nursing Management. Published, Oct 4, 2022.

  • Koutra K, Burns C, Sinko L, Kita S, Bilgin H, Saint Arnault D. Trauma recovery rubric: A mixed-method analysis of trauma recovery pathways in four countries. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022 (Accepted, Aug 16.)

  • Iwasaki T, Kou A, Harasawa N, Morishita-Kawahara M, Yamagata C, Moriya H, Ikeda M, Nagae H. Exploring the Attitudes and Needs of Advance Care Planning Practice Among the Working Generation. Tokyo Women’s Medical University Journal. July 13, 2022. 

  • Kita S, Zeynep O, Saint Arnault D. Initial testing of components of the Cultural Determinants of Trauma Recovery (CDTR) Theory among American Gender-Based Violence survivors: Structural equation modeling. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2022; in press.

  • Muramoto M, Kita S, Tobe H, Ikeda M, Kamibeppu K. The association between self-compassion in the postnatal period and difficult experiences with COVID-19 pandemic-related changes during pregnancy: An observational study for women at 1 month postnatal in Japan. Japan Journal of Nursing Science, 2022; e12494.

  • Morisaki-Nakamura M, Suzuki S, Kobayashi A, Kita S, Sato I, Iwasaki M, Hirata Y, Sato A, Oka A, Kamibeppu K.
    Efficacy of a Transitional Support Program Among Adolescent Patients With Childhood-Onset Chronic Diseases: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Frontiers in Pediatrics. 2022; in press.

  • Sato I, Soejima T, Ikeda M, Kobayashi K, Setoyama A, Kamibeppu K.
    Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Infant Scales.
    Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes, 2022; in press

  • Hayakawa A, Sato I, Kamibeppu K, Ishida Y, Inoue M, Sato A, Shiohara M, Yabe H, Koike K, Adachi S, Atsuta Y, Yamashita T, Kanda Y, Okamoto S.
    Impact of chronic GVHD on QOL assessed using visual analogue scale in survivors after pediatric HSCT and those depending on QOL raters: a cross-sectional observational study in Japan. International Journal of Hematology. 2022; 115(1):123-128.

Conference Presentations

Year 2023

  • The 26th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (March 10-11, 2023, The University of Tokyo, Japan)

    Chair’s Address

    Mari Ikeda (EAFONS Chair)
    The Trajectory of Intervention: Integration of Subjective “Voices”

    Symposium 1

    Community-based Participatory Research from Needs Map to Policy
    Sachiko Kita (Moderator and Speaker)
    Development of the Training Program for Child Abuse Prevention for Citizens (TCAP-C) in Japan

    Poster Presentation

    Mayumi Morisaki-Nakamura, Hiromi Tobe, Mari Ikeda, Kiyoko Kamibeppu
    Parental factors affecting children’s transition from pediatric to adult health care systems: A scoping review

    Miyuki Muramoto, Sachiko Kita, Hiromi Tobe, Mari Ikeda, Kiyoko Kamibeppu
    Evolutionary concept analysis of maternal self-compassion

    Yui Kato, Sachiko Kita, Mari Ikeda
    Association between comprehensive sexuality education in school and sexual risk-coping consciousness among younger adults

    Hiromi Arashi, Seitaro Teraoka, Hazuki Igita, Noriko Yamauchi, Mari Ikeda
    Experiences of Psychiatric Certified Nurse Specialists as facilitators of Case conference meeting in Japan

    Maiko Kawai, Misuzu Hara, Noriko Yamauchi, Masako Koizumi, Mari Ikeda
    Comparing the perception of students, teachers, and senior nurses regarding the practical nursing skills of students during COVID-19 restrictions

    Kyoko Kawabata, Mari Ikeda
    Literature Review of Factors Influencing Mid-Career Nurses’ Nursing Practice

    Sayaka Ogawa, Keiko Kunie, Mari Ikeda
    Research Trends and Issues in Job Rotation in Nursing: A literature review

Year 2022

  • The 42nd Annual Conference of Japan Academy of Nursing Science (December 3-4, 2022, Hiroshima International Conference Center and Hiroshima City Cultural Exchange Hall)

      Commemorative Lecture

      Mari Ikeda (Chairperson), Yoko Shimpuku
      100 Outstanding Women Nurse-Midwife Leaders in the World “Leadership Practice of Nursing Driving Cross-disciplinary Activities


      Mixed-methods & International Collaboration Studies

      Sachiko Kita (Speaker)

      Trauma recovery rubric and scale-development: International collaboration studies with four countries

      Oral Lectures

      Miyuki Ishibashi, Kyoko Oyamada, Mari Ikeda, Sachiko Tanaka, Masakazu Nishigaki, Yoko Nomura
      Report on the Results of Focus Group Interview Survey for the Development of Production Education Program for Basic Nursing Education

      Ayako Hagiwara, Masako Aoki, Mari Ikeda
      A Mixed Research Method Examination of the Amount of Time and Meaning of Nursing Actions Specific to Pediatric Nursing and the State of Nursing Management

      Oral Presentation

      Yuko Shimizu, Mari Ikeda
      Utilization of Cancer Nursing Specialist Nurses by Nursing Managers along the Management Family: Focusing on the Interaction

      Exchange Meeting

      Yoko Nomura, Miyuki Ishibashi, Kyoko Oyamada, Mari Ikeda, Sachiko Tanaka, Masakazu Nishigaki, Noriko Kato, Naomi Iwata
      A Study of a Guide for Introducing Policy Education Programs in Basic Nursing Curriculum

      Mari Ikeda, Mirei Nakamura, Yukari Takai, Hanako Misao, Masako Pak Kanai, Kazuko Naruse, Riko Yanagisawa, Sayaka Takenouchi, Misuzu Greg, Yuki Miyamoto
      A Treasure Chest of Experiences Associated with the Presentations -The progress- by Symposiasts from Japan at the 7th World Academy Nursing of Science

    • 2022 Biennial Conference of the International Marcé Society (2022年9月19日―23日、London, England)


      Mari Ikeda, Hiroe Yamamoto, Kuniko Yufune, Iori Sato, Yuri Aikawa  

      Development and Evaluation of the Couple Mental Health Promotion Program (CMHPP) for Expectant Parents

    • 第29回日本家族看護学会学術集会(2022年9月10日―11日、福岡国際会議場)










      口演 意思決定・合意形成



    • 第36回日本看護歴史学会学術集会(2022年8月26日―27日、KFC Hall &Rooms)


      専門性を強調しない専門教育から考える 看護科学確立の可能性





    • 第26回日本看護管理学会学術集会(2022年8月19日―20日、福岡国際会議場、マリンメッセ福岡B館)


      第30群 地域包括ケアの推進に向けた取組み









    • The 25th East Asian Form of Nursing Scholars: EAFONS (April 21-22, 2022, Online Taiwan)


      Mari Ikeda 
      How to Build a Great Mentor-Mentee Relationship 

      Oral presentation

      Tobe H, Ikeda M, Soejima T, Kita S, Sato I, Morisaki-Nakamura M, Kamibeppu K, Hart C, Emori Y. 
      Effectiveness of a Group-based Anger Management Program in Improving Anger Expression among Japanese mothers

      Muramoto M, Kita S, Tobe H, Kamibeppu K, Ikeda M
      Self-compassion and difficult experiences among one-month postnatal women in Japan during the perinatal period under COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectionl study  

      Sayaka Ogawa, Mari Ikeda, Keiko Kunie  
      Relationship between Proactive Behavior of New Nurses Working in Japanese Hospitals and the Organization’s Human Resource Development Program 


    Year 2022

    • 保健師ジャーナル78巻6号, Pick up イライラ・怒りを笑顔に変える! 子育て支援レジリエンスワークショップ

      2022年 12月号

      戸部浩美 執筆

      保健師ジャーナル 詳細ページへ

    • 家族療法研究39巻1号 コロナ・パンデミックとIPV―家族のなかで何が起こったか、支援現場での課題と新たな支援とは


      キタ幸子 執筆

      家族療法研究 詳細ページへ

    Year 2021

    Social Activities

    Year 2023

    • Attachment Style Interview Japanese Training Course.

      Mari Ikeda. Attachment Style Interview-Japanese Training Course 1. ASI-J. May 7, 2023. Online.

    • 第10回家族看護学研究セミナー

      キタ幸子. 家族看護における混合研究法の可能性―ジェンダーに基づく暴力のリカバリープロセスに関する研究を一例に―. 第10回家族看護学研究セミナー, 2023年3月19日, オンライン.

    Year 2022

    • Taipei Medical University Online Outbound Program. 2022.

      Hiromi Tobe. Our New Challenge, Global Nursing Research Center. Taipei Medical University Online Outbound Program. 2022. July 22, 2022, Taipei Medical University (Online).

    • 健康ハートの日インタビュー企画「心臓病をもってはたらく; 知ってほしい先天性心疾患のいま」

      健康ハートの日インタビュー企画「心臓病をもってはたらく; 知ってほしい先天性心疾患のいま」(8月10から公開. 日本心臓財団、日本循環器学会、日本循環器協会の共催)

      インタビューアー: 森﨑真由美

      心臓病をもってはたらく 知ってほしい先天性心疾患のいま | 健康ハートの日 (

    • 2022年度東京都予防支援事業研修プログラム

      キタ幸子. 妊娠中の母親と子どもへのDV―発見と対応の基礎知識―. 2022年度東京都予防支援事業研修プログラム, 2022年7月14日, 東京都世田谷区. 

    • 2022年度静岡県三島市健康づくり課勉強会

      戸部浩美. 早期不適応的スキーマ形成の予防について~メンタルヘルス不調の一次予防の視点で取り組むマルトリートメント対策~. 2022年度静岡県三島市健康づくり課勉強会, 2022年6月20日, 静岡県三島市.


      戸部浩美. 早期不適応的スキーマ形成の予防について~メンタルヘルス不調の一次予防の視点で取り組むマルトリートメント対策~. 2022年度静岡県三島市健康づくり課勉強会, 2022年7月13日, 静岡県三島市.