Department of Family Nursing,School of Health Sciences and Nursing,Graduate School of Medicine,The University of Tokyo|Department of Family Nursing,School of Integrated Health Sciences,Faculty of Medicine,The University of Tokyo



This Department was established in 1992 and has produced a lot of excellent family nursing researchers. Since 2003, we have held family care group supervision sessions where we promote greater understanding about family practice among interdisciplinary practitioners and our graduate students.
The topics of our current research projects are as follows:

1. Families with children with chronic disease

  • Development of a quality of life (QOL) inventory for child with chronic diseases and their parents.
  • Late effects of treatment and posttraumatic growth in children with cancer.

2. Quality of Life (QOL) for family

  • QOL among dying patients and their families
  • Caregiver burden among primary caregivers of severely disabled children and the utilization of the respite care.

3. Childrearing support

  • Early detection and intervention for expectant mothers with high risk of postpartum depression and child abuse.
  • Childrearing support for mothers with severe mental illness.

Especially for QOL research, the QOL Research Center has been conducting research since 2012 and has collaborated with outside researchers. For additional information, please see our articles.
You are welcome to contact us for research participation in the science of family nursing.