Research Achievements

Past Research Achievements


Year 2021

  • Nakahachi T, Ishii R, Canuet L, Sato I, Kamibeppu K, Ueda M, Ueno K, Iwase M.
    Influence of mood states on the correlation between changes in oxygenated hemoglobin concentration and behavioral performance during Tetris gameplay in the frontal cortex. Cognition & Rehabilitation. 2021; 2(1): 128-30.

  • Nakahachi T, Sato I, Kamibeppu K.
    An attempt to maintain stable disease and QOL using Juzentaihoto during remission in a patient with recurrent residual low-grade glioma. International Medical Journal. 2021; in press.

  • Wakimizu R, Fujioka H, Nishigaki K, Sato I, Iwata N, Matsuzawa A.
    Development of family empowerment program for caregivers of children with disabilities at home: Interim report up to ‘Implementation of pretesting’. Journal of International Nursing Research. 2021; in press.

  • Nakamura H*, Takami H*, Yanagisawa T, Kumabe T, Fujimaki T, Arakawa Y, Karasawa K, Terashima K, Yokoo H, Fukuoka K, Sonoda Y, Sakurada K, Mineharu Y, Soejima T, Fujii M, Shinojima N, Hara J, Yamasaki K, Fujimura J, Yamasaki F, Takahashi M, Suzuki T, Sato I, Nishikawa R, Sugiyama K, The guideline committee in The Japan Society for Neuro-Oncology (JSNO) Task Force on Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors.
    The Japan Society for Neuro-Oncology Guideline on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors. Neuro-oncology. 2021; in press. *These authors contributed equally to this work.

  • Sakai S, Nagae H, Miyashita M, Harasawa N, Iwasaki T, Katayama Y, Takenouchi S, Ikeda M, Ito M, Tamura K.
    Developing an instrument to assess the readiness for advance care planning. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 2021 Oct.

  • Kita S, Sato I, Sakka M, Soejima T, Kamibeppu K.
    Does the use of childcare services reduce the impact of intimate partner violence on the quality of life of children?: Multiple-group structural equation modeling. Applied Research in Quality of Life. 2021; 16: 1825-45.

  • Morisaki-Nakamura M, Suzuki S, Kobayashi A, Kita S, Sato I, Iwasaki M, Hirata Y, Sato A, Oka A, Kamibeppu K.
    Development and validation of a Japanese version of the Transition-Q. Pediatrics International. 2021; 63, 270-8.

  • Sakka M, Kita S, Sato I, Soejima T, Eguchi H, Tokita M, Yamamoto-Mitani N, Shimazu A, Kamibeppu K.
    Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the Caregiving Interface Work Scale in employed Japanese family caregivers.
    Geriatrics & Gerontology International. 2021; 21: 254-61.

  • 温井めぐみ, 上田敬太, 佐藤伊織, 上久保毅, 河村淳史, 清谷知賀子, 佐藤聡美, 吉橋学, 西川亮, 原純一,
    日本小児がん研究グループ脳腫瘍委員会神経心理評価小委員会. 脳と発達. 2021; 53: 436-41.